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Blueprint Software Works develops some of the leading utilities for the Windows and OS/2 operating systems. PMMail 2000 and PMView Pro have both received numerous positive reviews from places such as ZDNet, TUCOWS, and others. Please visit our products page to learn more about these wonderful programs.

But we are more than just a software development firm. We also help other developers do what it takes to get their products selling. Whether you are a professional development firm or an amateur developer, we have the marketing tools needed to take your software to the next level. If you have authored a program and need assistance preparing a finished, marketable product to sell, Blueprint Software Works can be of great assistance. We are committed to the publication and marketing of software and work internationally with developers around the world.

Our publication work can be as simple as supplying a finished CD-ROM for distribution, or designing and preparing a complete retail package, including user manuals, artwork and online documentation. If you prefer to distribute your software electronicaly, we can provide you with the necessary assets to do so effortlessly and get you positioned at the top of the search results. Click on the Services button to your left and get more detailed information on how Blueprint Software Works can make you efforts as a developer exciting and profitable.

If you have an idea or need for new software product and do not have the required expertise, Blueprint Software Works can assist in development and bringing your idea to reality. Click on Services for more information.

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